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Benagil & Marinha Tour 2h00 from Portimão

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Benagil & Marinha Tour 2h00 from Portimão

Forget everything during the tour, come and feel the pleasure of the ocean breeze, the vibration of the sound of the sea.


Let it go, you will like it.


Our mission is to take you along the most beautiful coast in the Algarve. Fantastic rock formations, created by the force of nature thousands of years ago. Where we often let our imagination flow with the breeze and start to see imaginary creatures.


Spectacular sea caves (including Benagil), which we often think are impossible to exist due

to their beauty. Beaches that you will want to put your feet in the sand.


It is simply all this we have to offer (and there is even more) on board our new boat (2020) Capelli 750 X-TREME, probably the safest and most comfortable boat, equipped with a 250 hp Yamaha engine, which it makes it quick (only when we want to) and effective, it also has several innovative equipment on board in order to try every day to offer the best experience to our visitors.






-Coat (Wind and splashes)

-Wi-Fi on board

-Insurance (PA)

-Vests Life

-Diving Stop ( 2Hours Tours )

-Discounts on the MyCrew Partner network

-Guide along the entire route (PT-EN-SP)

-Transfer (In Portimão)

And.... Return of the total value if you do not see the cave of Benagil.